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Mailable Wax Stick with Wick

Our vibrant, mailable sealing wax is an adapted method of closure that's been around forever to withstand the machine processing of  the modern age.  These creamy wax seals have rich color, deliver clear impressions and will not chip or break in the mail.
In stock

Price is for a single stick of wax.

The wick, when lit, allows the wax to slowly drip onto your surface or into a sealing wax spoon; each stick delivers 12 to 15 impressions. Wax will adhere to paper, glass, wood, essentially any relatively smooth surface. .375 x .5 x 4"

Please indicate the color of wax you would like in your notes. 

In order shown: silver, classic gold, hunter green, teal, bronze, bright gold, red, pink, white

Red and classic gold are classic and usually in stock.