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Kokuyo Scissors SAXA Yellow

Lightweight Kokuyo Saxa scissors can cut almost anything, from regular printer paper to plastic bags and cardboard boxes. This ability comes from "hybrid arch" blades, which are curved so that the angle between them gets bigger as you approach their tips.
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This increased angle lets you cut just as easily at the tips of the blades as at the base, without having to exert extra strength. A resin ring at the blades' pivot point ensures smooth opening and closing so that the scissors are even easier to use.
Small ridges on the inside of both blades help them cut through tape without sticky buildup, as they reduce the amount of sticky material that touches the blades. These scissors also feature a durable titanium coating layered with a fluorine coating. This treatment makes the blades extremely long-lasting. According to Kokuyo's testing, they can cut standard paper a million times. The treatment also prevents sticky residue from sticking to the blades and resists rust and dirt. These scissors' comfortable, roomy handles have plenty of space for multiple fingers. A safety cap covers the blades when not in use.


Stainless steel blades with two coatings: durable titanium and non-stick fluorine.
Hybrid arch blades for easy cutting near blade tips.
Resin ring for smooth movement.
Roomy handles.
Protective safety cap.