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Ink Vert Atlantide Shimmer

This 50ml glass bottle of Jacques Herbin 350 Vert Atlantide fountain pen ink is an elegant, deep green ink. It features delicate flecks of both silver and gold pigment, creating a luxurious sheen and subtle shade variation as you write.
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Celebrate Herbin’s 350th Anniversary with Vert Atlantide. 

Inspired by the lush plant life said to have inhabited the fabled continent of Atlantis, Vert Atlantide is a tribute to the brand’s founder, Jacques Herbin. An esteemed navigator, Herbin was believed to have been enthralled by the legend of this lost civilization.

Vert Atlantide was chosen earlier this year by pen and ink aficionados from across the globe to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Jacques Herbin brand; the oldest name in ink in the world.