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A FREE Event for Pen and Stationery Enthusiasts - join us! Pennysmiths Paper is celebrating the power and beauty of the written word at The Write Event. On Saturday, June 5 from 11 am to 5 pm.

Guests can enjoy modern and brush calligraphy, fountain pens, and Iroshizuku inks. Dan Pennington (yes, his real name!),  is  joining us with vintage pens for sale and answers to any pen questions you may have. Come get acquainted with our favorite pens, stationery, and notebooks from all over the world. Get tips on journaling and letter writing, and experience the joy of putting pen to paper.

Pennysmiths Paper is devoted to celebrating the handwritten word at a time when many of us need a digital detox. Handwriting a note on fine paper, using your favorite fountain pen and ink, is a mindful, generous, and rewarding act. It expresses gratitude, civility, and appreciation that reach beyond everyday communication. Write a letter to cultivate a little romance, nurture a friendship, or simply stay connected with loved ones while travelling. It will help make your world a more positive, beautiful and thoughtful place.


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