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Rouge Hematite Shimmer Ink

From the J. Herbin 1670 Inks collection, Rouge Hematite is a rich red with tiny flecks of gold that bring a consistent sheen of gold all through your writing, adding a little sparkle to your correspondence or art. Hand-Dipped Wax Seal on bottle.
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The 1670 Inks collection celebrates the life and adventures of J. Herbin, a famous French sailor.

On his travels, J. Herbin gathered formulas for inks and sealing waxes. The inks in this collection pay homage to this history.

50mL Glass bottle of fountain pen ink
Hand-Dipped Wax Seal on bottle, stamped with "1798"
Highly Saturated ink should be given extra care when cleaning your pens after use.
Be sure not to mix this ink with other fountain pen inks.