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Hand Lettering For Everyone: a Creative Workbook

Featuring a lively (and hand-lettered) design and engaging exercises, the book will appeal to designers and illustrators as well as doodlers, hobbyists, and anyone who enjoys putting real pen to real paper.
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Creative prompts encourage readers to create their own serifs, create lettering from found objects, make a type self-portrait, collage with found type, recreate a favorite book cover with hand-lettering, play with shading and perspective, and more. 

This beautiful and inviting book serves as an inspiring primer and an interactive workbook, covering:

* Typography basics, including history and trends
* Fearless self-expression through playfulness
* Embracing the creative process, including tips from top illustrators and the art of "sketchploration"
* Inspiration for adding personal touches to any kind of handlettered text

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