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Kaweco Al Sport FP Iguana Blue Bold

Part of the Kaweco Collector's Edition, this color is limited in production. The Kaweco AL Sport is a pocket-sized fountain pen that when posted transforms into a full-sized pen that easily fits in your hand.
In stock

The body and cap are made of a teal anodized aluminum. It comes with a gold-plated steel nib and an ink cartridge to get you started writing right away! It accepts short standard international cartridges. Kaweco converter and optional clip sold separately.

Other nib size in stock - ask in store or email us to find out what is in stock.

There is an included cartridge inside the Kaweco Sport fountain pen, which can become lodged inside the barrel of the pen. Please try gently tapping the barrel against a table or other hard surface a few times to get the stuck cartridge out.