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Blackwing Volume 17 The Gardening Pencil Balanced

Celebrating the mindful practice of gardening. Each earth-toned pencil features an olive green finish, dark brown ferrule and imprint, & burgundy eraser. a 10cm ruler stamped into its barrel you can use to chart the growth of seedlings in your plant log
In stock

 Each pencil also sports our balanced graphite.

Gardening has been proven to uplift spirits and lower stress and anxiety. It provides us with an opportunity for new growth, a meaningful routine, and a template for nurturing other aspects of our lives. Just as there are 17 essential nutrients for healthy plant growth, there are many essential “nutrients” for a fulfilling life. Keeping a garden allows us to tend to ourselves with love, happiness and purpose.
Olive green finish

  • Olive green finish
  • Burgundy eraser
  • Dark brown ferrule and imprint
  • Balanced graphite 
  • Limited release- 2023